Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hope opens our eyes to view the possibilities!

 We all have the potential to be leaders!

As a leader, you should be a purveyor of hope, instilling in those around you the confidence that things will work out.
This optimism, this belief that tomorrow will be better than today, is not about ignoring challenges you may be facing. It is about working with your team to identify a single focus and common goal. How do we make this setting, family or organisation succeed and what is everyone’s role in achieving this goal?
Inspire yourself and others.
-       Understand the importance of gratitude. It is the quickest way to a positive attitude.
-       Assemble a library of inspiring material. Remember it is impossible to inspire others if you’re not feeling inspired yourself. Everyone takes inspiration from different sources- find out what these sources are for you and spend a little time focusing on them each day.
-       Guard yourself and your team from negative attitudes and people.
-       Be an example. As a leader, you are the person others look to for cues on how to behave. Keep this in mind and always try for a positive attitude.
Hope opens our eyes to view the possibilities. It drives us to action. It sets a tone of vitality and inspiration for and for others.

Source: ‘Hope: Don’t Leave Home Without It’, Bruna Martinuzzi, (2010).

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