Monday, August 29, 2011

Kindness gives birth to kindness gives birth to kindness gives birth to.........

Below is a story written by Lynn (St Peters Childcare). This story is a great example of how one act of kindness can lead to another act of kindness and another act of kindness and...

"Several months ago I was having a conversation with a mother, Nicole, who was lamenting that they had little food this week because she made the choice to get the dog out of the pound rather than get groceries.  Clara-Ann her daughter loves the dog.  More amazingly the dog was not really her dog but a dog adopted from a friend, but still I reiterate Clara-Ann loves the dog. How could you not resist.

So the dog, name unknown, was set free.  That evening when Nicole came to get Clara-Ann we had a meal waiting for her to take home.  “For you from the dog”, I told her.  I think that the dog and Clara-Ann appreciated the sacrifice Nicole made.

There have been many times when the teachers here at St Peters have been able to go to the freezer and take out a pre-cooked meal to give to someone at the end of the day.  Someone who may have saved the dog, had a car accident, we have had a couple of those, have other children home sick, been sick themselves the list goes on and on.  We make the most of every opportunity we get to give a meal when needed to alleviate some of the pressure of our parent’s busy lives.

The teachers’ refill our freezer with the only incentive being that we each know how much it can truly brighten someone’s day when they realise how much someone else genuinely cares about them and their family. 

In Nicole’s case, and many others, it did not take long before kindness was birthed out of kindness.  Although we have no expectation that the kindness would be returned it often is. For instance, we had put in our newsletter that Kerry was taking charge of the library for children and parents; Nicole heard of a huge book sale happening downtown and sought Kerry out with a box of children’s book for the centre to have, which were lovingly accepted and very much appreciated.

Kindness truly does give birth to kindness."

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