Monday, December 16, 2013

Kindergarten Teacher makes a difference!

ONE News’ brilliant segment ‘Good Sorts’ offers many interviews with people who are helping children at Primary level. A few weeks ago Averil Pierce was nominated as a ‘Good Sort’ who is making a difference within her community as a Kindergarten teacher, turned councillor, turned bus driver. Pierce had a moment of clarity seven years ago after she attended the funeral for a boy of 15 years who had committed suicide. Shocked at how someone could take their own life at that young age, Pierce decided she wanted to “help children have some support before their teenage years” as problems in younger years may affect them in later life. As Primary schools don’t receive funding for counselling Pierce started her own ‘Chat Bus’ school counselling programme completely voluntarily, which she describes as “the best job in the world”. The bus contains toys and drawing activities to interest young children when they come to talk anonymously during class time and teachers can also come to alert her of children who are upset in class. This inspired idea has brought schools a lot of joy and comfort and has developed to now have two buses available to Primary schools. Averil Pierce certainly is a Good Sort!

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