Monday, November 21, 2011

Helping Others Gives You a High!

Psychologists Robert Ornstein & Dr David Sobel describe what they call a ‘helpers high’, based on research that they carried out.
The euphoria that you experience when you help others close to you translates in a feeling of warmth, a frisson, the feeling you are full of energy but very calm at the same time. Every time you make a difference for a colleague or a child by creating kindness will have a wonderful impact on you as well. 

In the busy days of your teaching life take time to think about the ways in which you could create more kindness and joy in your environment. Challenge those who undermine this positive environment, for those who create the opposite are encouraging the secretion of cortisol and this is dangerous for young lives. Based on research it is clear that in the early stages of brain development raised cortisol levels can have long term negative effects as the brain is laying downing it's blueprint to build on the future growth.
Researchers compare the feeling you have when you help others, to what others feel after going for a jog - the runners high.

In both cases serotonin - the happy hormone - is secreted. Find ways to increase the opportunities to secrete serontonin in your place!!!

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Yolande Tiller said...

Spreading kindness is addicting! It feels very satisfying and fulfilling when you know that you did something good for others. Feeling “good” is not just a state of mind but it is also good for the mind, body, and soul.

-Yolande Tiller