Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being Forgiving is Good for your Health

The research carried out by CVO Witvliet and colleagues found that forgiveness is good for your cardiovascular system. In the research volunteers were put in a situation that stimulated two different situations following an attack. The first group were asked to imagine revenge, to feed this they were asked to think about the injuries they sustained and the pain they suffered. The second group were invited to forgive the attacker, to tell themselves that he or she is a complex human being like themselves, with their own difficulties. In short they were asked to empathise.

There was no ambiguity in the results. They carried out electrocardiograms and psychological tests. The first group experienced negative results which included a quickening heart rate which was putting pressure on the arteries. The second group who empathized immediately reduced their psychological stress. It is clear that holding a grudge is not good for your health. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Encourage Children to Help Each Other!

In research carried out by Hans-Werner Bierhoff they discovered that the most sociable children, the ones most friendly and attentive to others, not only were more popular with other children but these children did better at school.

One study showed those who helped others with their work attained better results themselves. These children who helped others were doing better two years later. The children who concentrated on their own work had not progressed in the same way.

This research showed that if you help others, it will  help you as well. The research also had a finding that the helper children had better self esteem and a more positive image of school.