Friday, April 22, 2016

20 Random Acts of Kindness

Stephanie Dowick writes in her book 'Everyday Kindness'...

"Kindness will build our resilience and positivity, as well as concern for ourselves and others. It will protect us against the self-doubt and self-pity that would otherwise sap our strength. It will radically enhance our connections with others and our awareness of our capacity to give generously - and repeat the benefits that come with this. Bring kindness into the bigger picture of our lives will wake up and utilize our powers to choose, and to choose wisely and well. It will make us much easier to like and to love.
Our acts of kindness toward other people also depend on our consciousness of choice, and a willingness to take charge of our attitudes and actions. Those acts of kindness demonstrate a life-changing awareness that other people matter."

Make a commitment now to embed 20 random acts of kindness in your life this month. Encourage the children in your setting to do this and make it visible in your documentation. Demonstrate to everyone around you that kindness is valued. If we privilege kindness your life and the lives of others around you will flourish. Take the initiative and create a kinder world.