Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Kindness of Others!

Last night my 11 year old grandson came home from his ukelele session  with a grin from ear to ear. He attends a weekly session from 7pm on a Monday night  for enthusiastic and experienced ukelele enthusiasts. Even though he is the only child in the group he holds his own and has won the admiration of the ladies. Imagine his delight on his birthday to receive a very fabulous tenor ukelele from his parents. Yes, his most treasured possession. His teacher was delighted. However two weeks ago as he lent forward to turn the page of the music his chair tipped forward and he sprawled forward. The ukelele crashed to the ground and when he picked it up there was a huge dent. He returned home - gutted, devastated and some more.

A phone call from his teacher resulted in the ukelele being dropped off at her place. The week passed and last night was Monday - ukelele night - and still no word from the teacher. Off went Toby with his old battered kid's ukelele. 

As he rushed up to me after he got home and thrust his precious ukelele under my nose his answer to my question went like this --
The story goes like this the ukelele got passed from one person in the group to another and everyone did a little bit to help improve the situation and when they had all done something small to improve the situation it went to the very last person and she mounted over the remaining small dent a fabulous quality sticker of a small B&W Tui and hey presto the ukelele was suddenly better than new. 

The pain and disappointment  in Toby's heart was healed by the kindness of others. We all reckon that the Ukelele sings now. Incidentally Toby is also the biggest bird enthusiasts I have met and to have a Tui present on his ukelele was the best thing possible.


Introducing Kindness to Children


Why not put kindness into the front frame of your setting! Every week the children could have a 'Kindness Meeting'. At this meeting children could make positive statements about children in their setting. Children and teachers could also be encouraged to share what they have witnessed during the week that they consider are 'random acts of kindness'. 

In this way you would be making visible and putting into action that you value kindness in your community. In this way everyone is encouraged to focus on the positive and establish a culture of kindness in your place. 

If you have a 'kindness story' to share, please email me at wendy.lee@elp.co.nz with the story and an image so we can share the joy on our Kindness Blog.