Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You Will Go To the Party!!!

I was recently reminded of a learning story written a few years ago now about Molly after talking to her mum Raechel.  Molly is now 7 and at school.  Raechel was telling me that Molly still talks about her time at St Peters Childcare and especially about our trip to the material shop.

It all started with Molly’s love of the butterfly wings within the dress-ups.  The butterfly wings were the favourites of many children and we never seemed to have enough.  So we decided to make some more, with our own design. Molly and I walked down to the material shop to buy some material, cotton and elastic so we could start designing and making butterfly wings. 

When we were in the material shop there was a young lady, Kimberly,  30ish, inquiring about the best way to make a Red Riding Hood custom without having to sew anything up.  You see she was going to a fancy dress party as Red Riding Hood and needed a red cape but could not sew.  Standing waiting to be served it was very hard not to over hear the conversation about the need for a cape.

After a quick discussion with Molly we thought we maybe we were able to help.  “Excuse me”, I said, “we could make a cape for you, if you trust us with your material.”  I explained where we were from and told her that we would love to make the cape so she could go to the party.  It was agreed.  Kimberly gave us her material and cotton we gave Kimberly our phone number and address and told her she could collect the cape the next day.

Upon our return to daycare we got out the sewing machine and Molly and I made a plan for the cape.  Together we sewed the cape up before we started on the butterfly wings.  Molly was so pleased to have completed both the cape and the wings.  With the wings sewn it was time to decorate with their own unique patterns.  The butterfly wings were cherished by Molly who often took them home.

Before Kimberly came to pick up her cape the following day we had discussed about what other things  we have at daycare that Kimberly could use to be Red Riding Hood.  It was decided that we could lend her a basket because Red Riding Hood definitely needed a basket when out and about.

So the Red Riding Hood cape was loving placed into a basket and left for Kimberly to collect the next day.  Kimberley loved her cape and basket.  She was so pleased that we had helped her in her time of need.  Kind of like the mice helping Cinderella go to the ball, “You shall go to the ball Cinderella” only wrong fairy story.

Now Molly several years later still talks about the butterfly wings she made and how we went to the shop, met a stranger, did a random act of kindness and made a friend.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

Here are a few ideas for 'random acts of kindness', these ideas were shared on another website promoting kindness in the world! Maybe you have some ideas that you would like to add here. You can do this by making comments below!!!

Let someone go in line in front of you!
With technology becoming more and more advanced, as a society we get used to doing everything as quick as possible and getting everything we want instantaneously. When we’re caught up in the face-paced world of today, we often forget to stop to notice those around us. So next time you’re in a hurry in public, slow down and go out of your way to be courteous to everyone around you. When you’re standing in the checkout line, waiting to pay for your food at the grocery store or waiting to order your drink at a coffee shop, offer to let the person behind you go in front of you. 

Help someone for free!!

It’s easy to put time and effort into tasks if we’re doing them for ourselves or getting paid to do them. But what about doing work for others when you aren’t getting paid? Why not do a job like mowing the lawn, cleaning the house or babysitting for someone, and surprise him or her by not charging.

Hold the door open for someone

Holding the door open for someone is something they just do in old movies, right? Guess again. Holding the door open is a polite and thoughtful act you can easily do for your family, friends and even strangers, every day. Whether you’re at school, the grocery story, at work, or at home, those around you will certainly appreciate your good manners. 
Make a new friend today
Introduce yourself to a stranger and strike up a conversation. Or, perhaps there is someone you've seen occasionally on the bus or in the neighborhood. Ask them how they're doing.

Read to a child

  Giving your full attention to children is a simple way to show them they are loved. Reading together can also be a very relaxing way to bond with a child...

Write a letter to someone who has made a difference in your life

  At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. -Albert Schweitzer.

Call or visit someone who is sick
Being sick is no fun. It can be frusterating because you are not able to do the things you normally do. Not being able to socialize with people you normally see can also make being sick very lonely. Call someone who you know is sick and ask them how they are. Or, surprise them with a visit and bring flowers or a card. Knowing that someone cares about you is often the best medicine!