Monday, June 11, 2012


Research carried out by psychologists Robert Ornstein & Dr David Sobel describe the outcomes of what happens when people help others. It is what they call a ‘helpers high’. The euphoria they experience when they help others close to themselves translates in a feeling of warmth, a frisson, the feeling you are full of energy but very calm at the same time. Researchers compare this feeling to what we feel after going for a jog - the runners high. In both cases serotonin - the happy hormone - is secreted.

Find ways in which you can help those around you. Maybe on some days you might just like to make some casserole dinners or soups, freeze them and if you have a freezer at the centre, put them there. Then when someone in your centre, staff or family experience difficult times you will be well prepared to respond in their hour of need. I am sure you can think of many ways to help and support those around you.  Take time at a staff meeting to brainstorm all the possibilities and different ways in which you might in the future support the wider whanau! Have fun doing this!