Monday, February 2, 2015

What does kindness look like in my daily life?

Kindness has so many elements and such complexity. I so agree with Aldous Huxley (the great English writer, pioneer in the study of philosophies and development of human potential) and what he has to say about kindness. 

He talked about the questions he would often be asked, people wanted to know what would be the most effective technique for transforming their life. In response to this, he felt it was a little embarrassing for him as he had spent many years researching this field and experimenting with different ideas, he believed his best response was to "just be a little kinder". 

 Some people feel that kindness is just some lightweight topic, or they make swift responses like ' I am a kind person already', but what does this actually look like in action. Most of us know that right from birth, kindness and care are critical. I believe kindness has the power to transform us and it is the starting point from which many positive qualities will flow. An interesting idea for a teaching team to carry out is to ask every teacher to take some time alone and to write down in what ways they enact in their daily lives (work and homelife) the elements listed above.